Terms of use

Term of Use

Various guidelines and policies on Vloo help to maintain a safe and vibrant network. Anyone who uses Vloo should take their time to review them.

As a creator, it's your responsibility to ensure that you put the right content and conduct these following rules.

The first thing to note is Vloo’s Term of Use applies to anyone who uses Vloo. If you violate the Terms of Service, your channel could be removed and/or your account terminated.

Due to our Team’s Review or discretion of the type of videos uploaded we make the decision to either terminate your video if it violates our guidelines.

Videos should not contain any form of nudity or inappropriate content. It should not contain anything that contradicts with the bible. However in some exceptional cases we may allow these as follows:

  • Videos that depicts moral intent
  • Videos that showcase educational and documentary intent.

We believe that people should be able to speak and share good knowledge and open dialogue, and this leads to empowerment and advancement of the kingdom